We deliver client-first, strategy-first, full-scope corporate solutions to real estate users nationwide.  The NCBS Mission is to understand our client’s core business strategies and provide real estate solutions that best support those strategies.  We take pride in developing and implementing comprehensive programs for our clients and cultivating a sense of trust in the communities we serve and the individual transactions we service.

Our success and expertise continues to grow. The alignment of NCBS with Lincoln Harris has expanded our capabilities exponentially. We are not finished pioneering, innovating, and breaking barriers and implementing success proven results.


If you’re looking for talkers, you’re at the wrong place. But if you’re looking for a retail real estate development company that specializes in small footprint design, we’re delighted to make your acquaintance.

NCBS goes beyond talking by collaborating with clients on the very same strategies and services that we strive to achieve.  Our over 26 year history is proof that we understand how to pioneer new and innovative practices, to stay ahead of the curve, and to ensure optimal results from aligned services and brand management.  No matter what business you are in, you are in the people business.  NCBS is in the relationship business.  We are with you long after we turn the project over.  We offer you our expertise to help you keep your retail presence fresh and up to date with the changing technological landscape.  Whether you need to update your brand image, facilitate a culture change, add new technology or completely renovate a facility, we are here to help you.

We’re not advising from textbooks or best wishes. We’re advising from years of experience, diligence and success.


1985 - A New Kind of Banking

Under Tom Garrott’s leadership, National Commerce Bancorporation launches the first in-store bank in a Kroger store in a Memphis suburb. Garrott’s success was due largely in part to his daring to challenge the supposed fundamentals of the banking industry.

1987 - The Founding of NCBS

Experiencing rapid growth and success, NCB forms the National Commerce Bank Services, Inc. to license the in-store banking concept to other banks on a national level. By the end of its first year, NCBS had consulted with 73 financial institutions over 213 supermarket branches nationwide.

1992 - Training & Consulting Services

With an ever-growing client list came demand for more resources and solutions. NCBS delivered. NCBS launched dedicated training and consulting services and began developing comprehensive retail banking programs.

2001 - An Unprecedented In-Store Bank

Under NCBS leadership, NBC Bank partnered with Walmart to develop the Walmart Money Center. The partnership resulted in 104 locations, with an unprecedented and unrivaled flow of traffic and potential customers.

2013 - Acquired By Lincoln Harris

In October of 2013, NCBS was acquired by Lincoln Harris, LLC of Charlotte, NC.  Lincoln Harris is a leading corporate service provider and real estate service firm.   The combination of expertise, market knowledge, and resources presented an opportunity to enhance both company’s strengths.